E36 Meeting NL editie 2024

  • Het forum is momenteel nog onder constructie, maar je kan het al wel gebruiken. Hier en daar gaan er in de loop van de dagen/weken veranderingen doorgevoerd worden.

Black Pearl

Onze crew heeft voor editie 2024 een prachtige locatie weten vast te leggen 👌
We hebben er héél veel zin in.

Druk, in het evenement zelf, op de info button voor de nodige informatie.


Black Pearl

Hello all,
The annual E36 meeting has been scheduled again.
We have now organized the meeting five times, with great success. In recent years there were more than 130 E36s present.
This year we have chosen a different location. This time the meeting will take place in beautiful Twente!
Register quickly and we look forward to seeing you on April 28.
Visitors are also welcome, of course.
Also join our group:
Address: Beckumerkerkweg 20, 7554 PV Hengelo

We would also like to draw your attention to the following house rules:
We are all together to make it a fun E36 day, but to avoid misunderstandings we have a number of rules that we would like to draw your attention to:
During the meeting, the legal traffic rules apply, as included in the Road Traffic Act 1994 and the Administrative Law Enforcement Traffic Regulations Act.
Park according to the organization's instructions, connect neatly and park in reverse.
If you do not want your license plate to be visible in photos and/or videos, take the necessary measures yourself, such as placing show license plates or removing the license plate.
You are here at your own risk. The organization of the E36 meeting is not liable for any damage or theft of your property.
Driving on the site is at a walking pace.
Please take other visitors into account. Attendees.
Keep the area tidy and clean up your own mess afterwards.
Reckless and aggressive driving during this meeting, such as racing, burnouts, skids, etc., will not be tolerated.
Loud music is not tolerated
It is not permitted to use alcohol and/or drugs.
The police are always called in when crimes occur.
The meeting is only intended for E36s. Only E36s are allowed to park in the parking lot, the organization may refuse other makes or types access to the parking lot. Visitors may park their vehicles in adjacent parking areas.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse visitors or to deny participants of this E36 meeting access if they do not comply with these rules.
If everyone adheres to these rules, it will be a fun day!